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Our timed release with Christian Rex Van Minnen is based on an oil-on-linen original titled Parallax – one of his personal favourites. The work combines traditional painting techniques with modern motifs in an absurd remix of 17th century Dutch Vanitas painting.
Available for 24 hours only, the edition is the artist’s first print release in over a decade and first ever timed release. To mark the occasion we’re hosting an 8-hour long livestream here on the Collective, during which van Minnen will create an entirely new, multi-layered monotype. At the end of the 24 hour release, we will hold a giveaway draw to randomly select one lucky Parallax-purchaser to win the 1-of-1 original monotype!
Click the link below to watch back the full livestream!
AvantArte Edition - Parallax


€ 500

AvantArte Edition - Parallax Monotype

Parallax Monotype

€ 0

1 edition allocated in the draw

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Oh! And the lillies that are just barely about to open!! The beauty of this life to come, possibly? Lillies also often represent truth, purity, love and peace.
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