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Sweet Junkfood is the latest edition to come out of Stickymonger’s internal cinema. Created during the pandemic the work focuses on “what life is about”, enjoying precious moments of self-care and guilty pleasure. The artist imagines herself learning to play tennis and enjoying fast food in this handmade 16-layer screenprint embellished with neon yellow holographic sparkles and pearl white detailing.
A total of 7 editions will be available exclusively to members of the Collective through randomised draw. Entry will close on March 8 at 1400 GMT, immediately after we will start the live drawing process. Enter the draw below and make sure to be here when we announce the winners live!
See the edition on Avant Arte:
AvantArte Edition - Sweet Junkfood

Sweet Junkfood

€ 1,500

7 editions allocated in the draw
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