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Last week I spoke to the Temporary Admission team about my new role as Chief Curator at Avant Arte. We discussed how we're building a programme that incorporates a variety of perspectives and ensures that we continue to always put artists first in everything that we do (all too rare in the art world!). We talk about my career to date, everything I learned during my 6 years at Damien Hirst's studio and how difficult it was to convince art businesses to operate within the online space when I joined Artsy over 6 years ago. I also reveal some of the exciting artist collaborations coming up in the next couple of months, like this incredible Tomás Sánchez timed release going live in 10 days! Here's the podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1xQI9XZ6d82iwlXCmOtZUS

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Looking forward to see all the artists Avant Arte will bring in this year! I agree with @acc_23VJHk4GXn7MCJOk6xD6JcyPRUN here about how putting artists front and centre is so important and the personal touches and access has been nothing but incredible already. Excited for your journey @acc_20GZCHInxB7bg5MZGUdxlYIWBIl meeting artist, working closely with the team and knowing collectors.
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Great itw @acc_20GZCHInxB7bg5MZGUdxlYIWBIl! I love how you describe AA as a creative marketplace and the community engagement as a new form of art history. I'm sharing it with my team :)
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thank you for sharing @acc_20GZCHInxB7bg5MZGUdxlYIWBIl!! really loved to hear about your career progression from a studio to that bridge of bringing offline studios/galleries online with Artsy and finally with AA who consistently leverages the power and reach of being online. such a great journey and what an exciting role!! envious =)
I really resonate strongly with the sense of community that AA is building and really love the fact that the focus is not just transactional in nature (which I agree is much more prevalent elsewhere unfortunately). the personal touches and access collectors have to anyone in AA is unmatched and so well done. it drives up the stickiness and level of engagement of collectors so much more, especially with all the great fellow collectors I've been very fortunate to meet here. Putting artists front and centre has also been amazing as it really does allow us to connect with, interact and understand the artist on a much more personal level, makes collecting and appreciating their work much stronger!
Your role is truely awesome and I look forward to seeing all the amazing artists you'll bring front and centre with the team moving forward! Really loved what you said about diversity and inclusion and I've already seen and discovered so many incredible new artists with AA through this focus and look forward to discovering more! If February is a taste of whats to come, will need to be very prepared =)
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