17th January in LA

So today I had lunch with Graham Steele who has an amazing art collection. On the photo's you can see Carroll Dunham, Lucas Arruda, Larry Bell and Ed Clark. And many more, I loved the Ed Clark painting and he was exactly selling it because he is also a dealer, I asked the price it is was 230k what I thought was quite a lot haha. Graham is amazing he started his carreer at White Cube and later moved on the Hauser and Wirth where he become one of the best selling art dealers in the world. He is very special and got a rare combination of skills where he is super super social and at the same time also extremely knowledgeable on an acdemic level about art. He deals with the biggest artist, collectors and curators in the world. He brought me to the studio of Larry Bell, Paul Mccarty and Wes Lang a couple months ago. After that I visited one of my favorite abstract painters Aaron Garber, I am trying to reach out to him for 2 years I even have his email but he never replied. When I was at an exhibition I saw someone walking, I did not know who it was but I introduced myself (this is a great networking tip in the art world by the way, just introduce yourself at openings to people) he said he was an artist and told me his name, we connected and I just went to his studio. It was insane and his work is so GOOD. He is obsessed with colour and is also making his own colour litteraly in the studio . all the painting is coming from the unconcious , he paints a lot but he puts his painting back in storage and is puting it out 2 years later to see if he still likes and then will decide if he will show it. From the 100 paintings he makes he will probably show 6. He is an extremely intellgent guy and with really kicked later we went out to eat at a korean restaurant and had a fun evening. I am probably going to see Barry Mgcee in a couple days in SF anyone got any question for him?

Collective Post - 17th January in LA
Collective Post - 17th January in LA
Collective Post - 17th January in LA


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Great story! Regarding questions for Barry,
What is a typical day like?
Which artists does he follow?
What does he think of NFTs?
1 year ago·
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Thank you for sharing this @acc_20GZFQQ8iZZ7xWWX9GDEz5JmzuH and I'm so glad you connected with Aaron Garber!
I'm a big Barry McGee fan and I really look forward to your studio visit! So I do have a few questions for him:
1. Is there reasons why he chose to not have any official social media account?
2. Where is his favorite surfing spots and destinations? Has he visited Thailand before?
3. Have you met the Osgemeos twins recently? Any plans to do a collab together?
1 year ago·