KAWS at Serpentine Gallery

Over the weekend I went to see KAWS' show NEW FICTION at Serpentine Gallery, his first solo exhibition in London. To be honest, KAWS wasn't really on my radar until the Dior SS19 show and I never understood the hype and fanfare that surrounded him (especially when he's compared to Andy Warhol). The show and chatting to other attendees definitely changed my view! The work speaks to people of all ages and cultures and Donnelly's "Companion" connects them globally through toy figures and large scale installations. What I loved most about the show was the AR aspect: KAWS collaborated with Acute Art and by simply downloading the app you can view "hidden" works in augimented reality. It was cool to see kids running around with phones trying to catch these sculptures!
What do you think of KAWS? How do you feel about more shows adding AR into their exhibits? 🤔

Collective Post - KAWS at Serpentine Gallery
Collective Post - KAWS at Serpentine Gallery
Collective Post - KAWS at Serpentine Gallery


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I remember Kaws from at least 15yrs ago. Many of you were likely still kids. lol. He was always an "outsider", and I loved how he made his work accessible to regular people. I didn't need special connections with famous galleries to aquire. I feel Kaws deserves his succless. Coming from the street, building his style and base on his own.
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thanks so much for sharing this @acc_20GZCMwiISZXfMYHJcYwQZbKcOM ! the colors really pop even just from the photos you took.
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Agree, what he has done to bring art to a new generation and background is mind bending. Whatever people think of him, he has been pivotal in a wider audience accessing art, and that is soemthing for him to be proud of.
Not sure on AR! Yet to be sold on a good version!
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Aesthetically his work hasn't been my thing but I think he's done incredible work to bring art to new audiences, possibly more than anyone... thanks for the summary, will go check it out at the Serpentine IRL / AR!
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I'm not a huge fan but that might change in the future. As for AR, it's an added bonus if it's an exhibition I want to see.
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