Presenting.... ThinkBoi

So this is the final result of the 8 hours of live painting. Christian has named the monotype ThinkBoi - during the livestream he told the story of how on Discord he has jokingly been called a "think boi, like a fuck boi but for thinking" which inspired the name for the work. He also mentioned that this process would normally be done in two whole days!! 🤯
Amazing to see an artist's process and hopefully we'd be able to do this again. Which artist would you like to see a livestream with next?! 👀

Collective Post - Presenting.... ThinkBoi
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Thank You AA for organizing such a great event! Happy to get an oppurtunity to witnes the master at work. Love the final outcome of ThinkBoi and is trully remarkable to witness Christian finished this work live.. I Cant wait for my own piece (Parallex) to arrive 🌹
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Thanks for organising!! it was indeed really amazing to see this work come to life! Was great to see the process and thought that went into the different elements
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