Last September @Christianluiten went to visit Stickymonger at her studio in New York and wrote about it on our Discord. Read below about his visit to her amazingly located studio!
Hands down, this studio probably has the best view of any studio I’ve been to. It’s on one of the top floors of the world trade centre. She actually got the space cause the owner is a big fan of her work and has been working out of there for a couple years now. Not everyone might now but she used to work a corporate 9-5 job for years before going full-time artist.
When we started working with her in 2018 she was moving away from acrylic & vinyl and into water-based spray painting. She really worked to perfect the technique and spray paint is very much her signature now. Initially it was all black & white, she says this comes from her childhood in South Korea. Her family owned a gas station and she remembers the world being reflected in dark petroleum puddles.
Over the years she has become more and more popular and right now the demand is high. Looks like the market is catching up. This is amazing but also brings her a lot of pressure. During covid she was working so much, sometimes even sleeping in the studio. She was close to a burnout but couldn’t go on holiday because of covid. So she kinda went on holiday through the character, you can see this in the work where she’s depicted playing tennis, reading a book or enjoying a cup of tea.



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such a cool space to work and be inspired everyday!
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I didn't realize she was based in NYC! Does she try to remain anonymous?
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Really great space and works! Thanks!
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Great post! Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience AA and @acc_20GZFQQ8iZZ7xWWX9GDEz5JmzuHto be able to see how see works and the way her thinking process went through for each artwork. Im astonish to see her thinking process from Black & White to the her newest style, on how the story of character went on a holiday with much pop color and pastel tone feel. Not to mention such a awesome studio overlooking the city!!. Hope i can get a chance to collect her beutiful work with AA and maybe someday be able to see her in person.❤️
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