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I was pointed to this page as I am after some framing advice. I recently bought Jessie Makinson's 'Stay here while I get a curse'. Could any of you lovely folks with a keen eye suggest what I should go for frame wise? I am based near Edinburgh so looking for a local-ish frame maker too, if pos.
I've attached an image of the artwork. It is 100cm x 82cm.
Any help much appreciated and thank you for reading,

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Hey Rachel - exc ellent choice on the print. It's an incredible piece at a wonderful scale - will look fantastic once up on the wall. But let me see if I can give you some direction and help on that. In terms of framers in Edinburgh, I have had a few strong reccomendations for the company Amber Arts, who offer a bespoke service ( . I think they should be good, they seem to understand contemporary art and would be a good fit from what I have heard.
On the framing spec, I opersonally would look to pick out some of the lighter, woody tones within the work and have this reflected into the frame moulding. I would have the work pushed up on a float mount, maybe 5mm pushed up on board, so it gives it some gravitas. I'd suggest a float gap around the paper of around 2cm, with a visible mount (behind the work) in a slightly off white, to mirror some of the V light tones (although a very pale blue could be quite lovely and interesting also). Then with the frame moulding (the wooden construct which holds it all together), as mentioned above, I would suggest having a natural wood being either stained to a light walnut or slightly lighter tone, with it being approx 2cm wide (face) and 3.5cm deep (to the wall), which would really elevate it imo.
In terms of glazing, if you can afford non reflective UV glazing, then amazing. However, as there are a lot of darker tones, I think normal UV plexi/glass would be fine, so long as it is not in direct sunlight when hung.
Couple of similar examples to what I have described are seen here:
Let me know if you need anyting else at al! Send us some pictures once you have it done!
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