Which one and why? 🧐

💙 for Mark Rothko
💛 for George Condo

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Rothko for me for two primary reasons. The first is that I can remember seeing posters of artists like Monet in college dorm rooms growing up and then suddenly Rothko. He was one of the first to get me into art, particularly 20th century, abstract art. The main reason is that few artists convey so much emotion and introspection through their art as Rothko does (for me). This is why I jumped at the chance to purchase a 1 of 1 Nick Smith work inspired by Rothko in late 2020 - https://www.instagram.com/p/CJxCoHllqKO/
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He definitely gave me a big appreciation for abstract as well. Rothko is just an OG with such reach. So many got introduced to modern art through him! Love that edition as well 👌
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Rothko because I like to listen to my friends tell me a kindergartner could make that 💯
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I literally loled
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