Today is King's Day in the Netherlands, a yearly celebration in honour of the Dutch monarch's birthday which customary Dutch people use as a great excuse to go mad in orange all day. To celebrate we're sharing with you a few of our favourite Dutch artists.
Theo Jansen - makes beautiful kinetic sculptures that moves along the beach when it's windy.
Raquel van Haver - explores her own heritage using unconventional materials like burlap, tar, hair and ash.
Studio Drift - this creative duo create amazing installations that connect people and spaces together.
Add to the list and share your favourite Dutch artists below! ✏️

Collective Post - KINGSDAY SPECIAL 🧡🇳🇱🌷
Collective Post - KINGSDAY SPECIAL 🧡🇳🇱🌷
Collective Post - KINGSDAY SPECIAL 🧡🇳🇱🌷
Collective Profile - @lotuswar


Chris Berens
From Hi-Fructose - Berens has a unique painting technique that lends his work a soft focus, as if watching the fantastical world he depicts through a distorted lens. The artist combines age-old glazing techniques inspired by the Renaissance masters with layers of emulsion, plastic sheets one to three inches thick, and paper. The result is a quilted-looking texture that evokes the sensation of seeing his work through uneven layers of glass.
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Collective Profile - @avantarte


Wasn't familiar with this artist yet, looks interesting!
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