Artist Discovery: Art of Mayi

Hey everyone! Wanted to share an artist I discovered and recently added to our collection. Mayi Penaflorida ( is a very talented surrealist painter based on the Philippines.
I chanced upon her Instagram sometime last last year and was really taken by how detailed and beautiful her works are. What really makes her works so unique and stand out are the amazing details she paints into her subjects eyes - she paints the reflection of what they are looking at into the eyes of the subject, almost like a completely different painting within the painting.
We've seen the beautiful rendition of the subject's eyes from artists like Mayuka Yamamoto, Ob and Javier Calleja to name a few (which Mayi also does in most of her works as well), to the mesmerising portrayals of the galaxy within the eyes with Roby and the inclusion of pop elements with Mr. and Ryol.
WIth Mayi, the inclusion of the reflection allows for a deeper connection with the work, to not just see what is in the background, but to allow the observer to imagine as well what is ahead of the work and on the other side.
I've was a fan as soon as I saw her instagram, and she has been the sweetest person to interact with as well! We've been lucky to add an amazing commission work to our collection which we are obsessed with (the boy and 2 foxes). Sharing that and some other amazing works from this very talented artist - can't wait to see her works in your collections!!

Collective Post - Artist Discovery: Art of Mayi
Collective Post - Artist Discovery: Art of Mayi
Collective Post - Artist Discovery: Art of Mayi


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Love the reflection in the eyes! ✨
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