Last year @ChristianLuiten went to visit the studio of legendary artist Julian Schnabel and wrote about it on Discord. Just reposting this here cause it might become relevant soon... 🤫
🧑‍🎨 Who? Julian Schnabel
📍 Where? NYC
🖼 What? Best known for his plate paintings, made with literal porcelain plates. They’re the perfect example of his signature work, large scale mixed medium painting that are almost sculpture. His work is often classified as neo-expressionism.
I had a crazy studiovisit this week!! Monday morning I woke up and got a phone call from an unknown NY number, I didn’t pick up. Then 5 minutes later another unknown number called me, so I picked up. It was Julian Schnabel’s studiomanager who told me Julian had just tried to call me. So I quickly called back the first number and spoke with Julian. Not sure if you’ve seen our Artists Artists series on Instagram but he told me he’d seen the one we did about him and really liked it. He told me he had a show in NY that just ended but really wanted me to see it so he told me to cancel my schedule and he’d arrange that i could see it. Afterwards I was invited to his house. An infamous pink palazzo called Chupi in the west village that he designed himself.
Julian is an art world OG if there ever was one. In the 80’s he quickly rose to fame for his wild works that were very expressive and experimental. At the time he was close with the other big artists in the NYC art scene like Basquiat and Warhol, just to name a couple.
Julian is an avid collector himself and his house is filled with so many amazing works. While I walked through the house I noticed all the clocks were off. I asked Julian about it and he said it was on purposed as he doesn’t believe in the concept of time. In one room I was distracted by a story I was telling him, once I finished he asked me to walk over to him and turn around. I had totally missed it but I was in front of the first ever plate painting he’s ever made.
He has portraits of him by Urs Fischer and Andy Warhol as well as Picasso’s. However my favourite is a giant painting of a goat which he calls a selfportrait , because he is the greatest of all time! The next day he called me up again in the morning and he wanted to show me more of his works, he just made some new paintings he wanted to show me. It was truly magical and he gave me a book he wrote called CVJ that I am reading now.
Schnabel has had such a long career with different periods, so I'd love to see everyone's favourite work of his! 🐐