Woodcutter's origins 🪵

James Jean's Woodcutter wasn't always the boy that we know him as today. Whilst working on a very exciting launch, we caught up with James about the evolution his character has taken.
I first drew the woodcutter in 2020, at the time I called him the Kindling boy. He was a response to this motif I drew back in 2008, where he appeared as an old man having a heart attack in the forest, bent over from the heavy kindling. There was something about the posture bent over in humility that I responded to, and he evolved into a much younger character.
More to follow soon! 👀

Collective Post - Woodcutter's origins 🪵
Collective Post - Woodcutter's origins 🪵
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Been looking forward to this!!
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so interesting to see JJ's evolution and the influence that his son has had on his recent work
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