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Qhamanande Maswana
One of my most recent acquisitons has been this lovely piece titled ‘Self Admiration’ (upclose images below) by South African artist Qhamanande Maswana. I first discovered Qhama while I was scrolling through instagram and saw that some of his work had been posted by Artsy. The imagery quickly grabbed my attention, especially the colouring and high levels of detail to the portraiture works.
The cuperior collection is one of the most recent collections to acquire his work and Prior Art Space have been a strong supporter of his works. Most recently, Qhama featured in the group exhibition, ‘Coming in Coming out’, hosted by Prior Art Space which featured a series of next generation artists showcasing works that relate to identity, gender and social belonging.
I would highly recommend checking Qhama out especially if you are interested in African and its diasporas’ art.
Instagram: @qhamanandemaswana (disabled during high work periods).

Collective Post - Latest Acquisition
Collective Post - Latest Acquisition
Collective Post - Latest Acquisition
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Love it 👌🏼
8 months ago·
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Such a nice addition to your collection! Didn't know this artist yet, will definitely check him out 💖
8 months ago·