Latest Acquisition And My Buying Experience

Yosuke Ueno
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Last week I was able to acquire a small work on cardboard by Yosuke Ueno. I haven't heard of or seen her work before but was kind of randomly emailed a preview-link by Thinkspace Gallery to their online store.
Since it's very unusual for them to email links directing to their store instead of a PDF-like file, I clicked on it not expecting much - tbh I'm not the biggest fan of the artists Thinkspace represents generally, I was in contact with them about pieces a good 3/4 years ago and have been receiving previews ever since - which I highly appreciate! So anyways, I am redirected to their online store selling original works that - altough you could argue about them being the typical cutesy-art that is very in demand right now - spoke to me.
They announced a show together on the same day which started on June 4th, no prior info about the "release structure", people just got sent a link in the preview email with 3 other artists PDFs. The experience of buying was like normal online shopping or buying editions from a webstore, but I gotta say at this day late in the evening when I was basically ready to go to bed I very much enjoyed how easy it was, I was able to buy the piece I wanted without emailing back and forth discussing payment options and shipping and all.. I know there are major downsides of this kind of release, especially with in demand artists, but there are also upsides in me now owning a piece of hers that I before wasn't aware of and trust me, I wouldn't have emailed for a chance at a piece, staying up late to wait for the response and to discuss everything - I would've just gone to bed and would've waited for the next opportunity when I am ready to buy a piece (and go through all that struggle of - let's be honest - often "begging" to be considered and to be able to buy).
You could say this also triggered a bit of a FOMO, but I'm still happy at that price point and I am very much looking forward to receiving the framed work after the show.
TLDR; Kudos to Thinkspace for this opportunity and buying experience - they sent out (private) links to their webstore to collectors to buy original drawings by the artist. I very much enjoyed how easy it was and against contrary belief, didn't miss any of the "luxury" that a personal sales person brings.
What's your opinion on this: Is this kind of sales tactic for original work a No-Go? Do you think they only did that as they expected the demand not to be as high and worthy of emailing them..?
Should more galleries and/or Avant Arte offer such "shock drops" that aren't planned and announced beforehand with a known timeframe set up to broaden their collectorbase..? Or do you think this is impossible to do with most in-demand artists nowadays as works would just all show up at auctions a few weeks later?
Finally: What do you think about the piece? :D
Oh and btw: if you visit their (Thinkspace) webstore/website and search for Yosukes work, there's actually still one available!

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I acquired one from them too! Actually i acquired artworks from them few times. I agreed with you the experience was quite good as it did provide u "certain" level of transparency. But one thing you may have missed that Thinkspace did have a clear roadmap -- for instane they have announced Yosuke Ueno couple months earlier - so most of time they are not doing shock drop. Anyhow, it still boils down to how lucky you are I guess... 🙂
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Oh yeah, I mean they also announced the show and said "sign up for the preview via (link)" - but I meant that when the Email went out that you could instantly buy your piece then and there was a "shockdrop" - or did they communicate it being a fcfs-kinda online release or the time the mails will go out..? The show itself and that there would be works for sale were of course announced (and known), but I would've guessed it to be the normal preview PDF where you then have to email about the piece you want - like they often do. Anyways, congrats to your pickup as well! Is that Tomoo in your pfp yours? Awesome piece as well 😍
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Thx! Yes it was an awesome work from Avantarte. Thx the team for bringing this artwork to me. 🙂
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