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Studio visit #3: Solace
Started out as a graphic designer, and continued as a set designer on film sets, just to finally become a painter with a solo show opening this Saturday. In her newest exhibition, artist Lotte Keijzer sets out to depict the ‘Shituations’ we come across in our everyday life. The occasional light-bulb moments are bound to happen, as well as the relieving giggle when one is a bit too familiar with the unsettling circumstances. From the all too fast ripening of fruits to the ink stain on your favourite garment, Lotte strives to puts a smile on the viewer in a light-hearted, comical way. In anticipation of the show, ‘Shituations, I got to visit the Haarlem-based in her idyllic studio to talk about her practice and philosophy.
Now and then returning to her graphic roots to whip up a flyer, as for this exhibit, Lotte is more than happy to be a full-time painter. “I don’t like to sit behind the computer for long days. I enjoy painting much more”. Through painting, personal feelings and artistic freedom are transmitted much more, which is the way Lotte desires it.
For her solo, she paid more attention to events and feelings experienced. Avoiding heavy topics, the Texel-born depicts everyday irritations, which she transforms into humoristic paintings. Starting with a sketch on paper to get the composition right, the next step in the process is the colour combination. For this step, she uses a paint-like app to check if the colours work nicely together, saving her time if the colours don't, before moving to the canvas. Therefore, Lotte’s main medium, acrylic, is suitable for her quick brushwork due to its forgiving nature. Canvas is not the only medium, as a couple of works on wood panels are also included.
Not all the paintings are easily recognized under the theme of the exposition. While some may resonate with you, others are more personal circumstances taken from Lotte’s own life, making the pieces ambiguous.
What I appreciate about Lotte’s work is the playful, witty manner in which she displays day-to-day crises. A fresh breath of air, away from weighty topics. Rendering bright and matte works with her palette, this artist is a must to check out.
Shituations is opening upcoming Saturday, 4-6 PM @ Marian Cramer Projects in Amsterdam, and runs till 30th July.

Collective Post - Lotte Keijzer - Studio visit
Collective Post - Lotte Keijzer - Studio visit
Collective Post - Lotte Keijzer - Studio visit


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