Learn all about silkscreen printing 💫

Just a couple more hours till we go live with master printer Thomas. He'll show us in detail how Roby Dwi Antono's latest print edition gets created. Thomas will explain what screen printing is, why we use it over a purely digital process and how we've used it for this collaboration.
You'll be able to see everything involved in the creation of 'BULAN'. From the pre-press work like the digital separation of colours and the creation of silkscreens, all the way to the actual print pressing. At the end you'll also have the chance to win the production proof you've just seen being created!
Make sure to join live at 18.00GMT today, the draw for the giveaway of the production proof of 'BULAN' will only be open for the duration of the event! 🍀

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See you all there! Can't wait 🔥🔥
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