Blue Period

I've finally watched the first episode of the anime adaptation of the art focused manga, Blue Period. I was meaning to read the manga but didn't get a chance to.
In terms of a summary it is about a highschooler named Yatora Yaguchi whose grown fairly bored at life and school who discovers a newfound passion for art after coming across a painting at his school's art club. It goes through his journey from starting off as a novice painter to watching him attempt to pursue his passion further at an arts school.
I've heard that there are a lot of references to real life works so will be very interested to see more episodes. Based off the first episode though I highly recommend if you are both an art and anime fan.

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I am so excited to watch this!! It's been on my list since I saw the trailer and considering I went to art school, I am sure it will resonate with me.
6 months ago·
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Big anime fan! I'm gonna check it out 🦋
7 months ago·
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Thanks for the suggestion! Currently watching spy family. Not art related but would definitely recommend it.
7 months ago·
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that's on my list i've heard pretty much only positive things about it.
7 months ago·