Studio Works | Alfie Caine and b.wing

For our upcoming series of Studio Works we're working with some amazingly talented emerging artists. For those unfamiliar with their work we talked to the artists to understand their practice better. Let me introduce you!
Alfie Caine paints rich scenes featuring nature and architecture. The places depicted are often inspired by his own surroundings and mixed with ones he dreams up. When we asked him about the exact inspiration he told us that the recent settings are largely influenced by the landscapes along the East Sussex coastline where he works. The valleys, rivers, gardens and the architecture as well as memories of places he has visited in the past all serve as inspiration for the scenes he paints. In each work some of these more familiar topographical elements are incorporated into dreamscapes and more surreal settings.
While his work originates from day-to-day life it is also an escape from it. The scenes are calm yet filled with vibrant colour. Once the paintings are hung in new places and are seen by new eyes, they are naturally reinterpreted by the viewer who can make their own connections to the work, whether it be through memories, thoughts, emotions or dreams. Caine loves seeing and hearing others impart their own narratives onto a painting as they let their imaginations run wild.
b.wing shares her stories through her character, A-Boy. Originally sketched on a piece of toilet paper in 2006, A-Boy expresses the artist's emotions with his rabbit ears and soulful eyes. By drawing and painting, she reviews her past and channels her emotions into her work, like the pain of rejection or the joy of victory. "Some people might play the guitar, others listen to music, my choice was drawing. If not, I might have gone crazy.”
A-Boy has become a friend, someone she talks to while painting. He doesn't just reflect her internal life but also her perception of others. For inspiration she likes to draw from her surroundings, standing by the window she watches people in the street. Humans and the way they walk, talk and just generally do things are a constant source of ideas. She says it's their eyes. The eyes give away a lot.

Collective Post - Studio Works | Alfie Caine and b.wing
Collective Post - Studio Works | Alfie Caine and b.wing
Collective Post - Studio Works | Alfie Caine and b.wing


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