Latest Pickup: „Garden Eden“ by Geren

I was lucky enough to acquire this insane piece by the incredibly talented Mehmet Geren.
To check it out since it‘s an mp4-file which I can‘t upload on here (yet?), I have to share it like this:
Mehmet Geren is an award-winning (IPA) visual artist and art director. Gerens artwork is exhibited worldwide and been featured by ELLE, L'officiel, Vogue Portugal, Tatler Magazine and many more.
By coincidence I got notified about a auction taking place that day, I saw the piece and instantly fell in love, Geren doesn‘t do much video work and they‘re not often that colourful and bright, so this piece really stood out. Thankfully and because he released this through a relatively new marketplace, I was able to win the auction to add the piece to my growing NFT collection. The technology is just amazing for animated pieces as well as 3d works and photography - so, say what you will about NFTs, but you can‘t argue that otherwise these kind of works wouldn‘t ever really sell due to the lack of proof of ownership that NFTs now provide. Really enjoying this journey of a newly discovered world of art, one that wasn't collectable before.

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so dreamy!! 🧡
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This one is beautiful! 😍
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