A.I. and Art

I may be late to game but lately I've been reading into AI and more specifically I've been fascinated at how you can now produce art and generate images based on only a word as a prompt.
I gave it a go myself and my prompt word was 'Entropy'. The image is attached below and I find it interesting the different iterations that were returned. It'll be interesting to see how far this goes and what creations people come up with. I definitely think with some more detail and knowledge you can create some amazing artistic images purely through the power of a keyboard.
Does anyone by chance know any AI artists or any other art they'd want to share?

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Big fan of AI art, the only thing holding me back in collecting it (mostly released via NFTs) and therefore paying for it i the fact that I feel like yes, you can have a style, but it's not really a craft or something that much work went into..? I don't know if artists write their own script etc, but it just feels like most produce like 2-3 works a day without much struggle, sure it looks good and is really cool, the whole idea and all, but the connection to the artist is kinda missing.. Like you said and did: I could probably very much do it myself..
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i agree on the connection. This is why i'm interested if there are artists who are more involved with the programming aspect or just have studied/put the effort into learning how it works. In a way the programme is the paint brush and the different inputs and commands are the strokes.
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Surprisingly good!
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Wow this isn't bad. Kinda gives me similar vibes to the art James Jean did for Blade Runner 🤘
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