Discussion; Current State Of The Art Market: Where is it at and where will it be in the future?

Okay so.. I am kinda stealing this now, but was really curious to hear (or rather read) your opinions, including the AA team on this topic:
Whats the current state of the art market? Where is it heading? Is the market correcting itself? Did we see too many, too fast growing artists already or is the OG market still booming, but lower priced editions not as hyped and in demand anymore? Or is it the other way around? Is this creating buying opportunities or will we see a lot of artists not making it after their initial hype the last 1-5 years?
I do have an opinion myself and will share it later, but I‘m also curious where you guys see it all heading - especially since AA has people on payroll for that kinda market analysis and what moves to make next 👀

Collective Post - Discussion; Current State Of The Art Market: Where is it at and where will it be in the future?
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I recently managed to get prints that before would be sold out in minutes. I'm still hoping these are not lemons :)
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I don't see a lot of change lately. It's true that you Can find some opportunities out there. Those opportunities arise every year anyway. However, regarding the "hot artists" is still the same. It's dificult to predict the future, but if you have te eyes on trendy artists still very difficult to get what you want. Unless you are well connected and you are fast. This is just my humble opinion.
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I'm still fairly new to the art market but i did find it very off putting the sheer rate of increase in new/emerging artists prices alongside a lot of releases of prints/sculptures/anything. I'm not sure about anyone else but the last few months I think there has definitely been a bit of a cool down in primary releases of prints at least. Maybe artists and their managers are being a bit more conservative of what they put out there? I have not been keeping up with the secondary market but it will be interesting to see what happens if speculative sellers begin to do some final pushes for sales/auctions and what buyers are willing to pay right now....I do think that what happens will be for the better.
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