How do you go about collecting?

Very curious as to what people's collections patterns are like? Personally I tend to (attempt) to purchase art works that I like as they come and hope that my bank account will be saved by a combination of Ls and some breathing room between purchases. Lately, I've found myself not buying much for the last few months as nothing has caught my eye. I tend to also stick to editions which is suitable for my budget and an original when its appropriate.
Anyway I'm curious and would love to hear in the comments if there are any particular ways you go about your collecting journey. Do you also just wing it with a general budget in mind or maybe have a priority list in regards to artists and works?

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when we started collecting, it was quite fast and furious as we were collecting artists we've loved and at the same time new artists we discovered as well. We didn't have a really clear preference between an original or edition, what we focused on was having a work from the artist in the collection, where attainable.
more recently, similar to you, we've also slowed down collecting new works. Aside from space and funds (as always haha), we are at a stage where we have built the foundation for our collection, and now focus really on which works we really see complementing what we have already built in a sense.
right now, the focus is more skewed to originals and emerging artists, however we wouldnt pass an opportunity to have a great editioned work as well.
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Oh gosh, I wish that I have an answer! I feel like you. I only buy true love 😊 if the bank account allows ... if not, sadness takes over, but then I remember that something more beautiful will catch my heart again. A true circle of love.
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