The Forgotten Ones

Does anyone else get into the habit of collecting prints/art and telling yourself you'll get it all framed up and on the wall and slowly they just gather dust in a folder? Yes or no I thought I'd share the two works on paper that I got almost a year ago that I still haven't really decided what to do with.
Both A1 size by an artist named Benjamin J Smith and I originally bought them when I found his page through Instagram (algorithm got me again) because I really liked the look of them more than anything. I got both because of the very contrasting colours between the blues and the pinks/purple so I thought they would look great framed up next to each other. But I dont really know where to put them up in the house. Especially since I do move every so often I'm torn between just getting it framed now or waiting till I move and hopefully find the right spot for them both.
I am curious to know if anyone else has any 'forgotten ones' that they have yet to put up or just not framed yet!

Collective Post - The Forgotten Ones
Collective Post - The Forgotten Ones
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Most of my art is unframed actually.. Which is super sad, but framing on these big pieces can cost up to another piece of art lol. I also kind of forget about some of my buys and remember them at random moments throughout my day, which always brings a smile to my face - I guess thats the collector in me being happy to be "owning" it, even though I can't really look at it all day :D
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This resonates hard! I'm trying to be super militant with framing atm, is something comes in, it goes to framer within a month or something. tough though!
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I have framed most of mine. But most are not on the wall yet😅 I can't decide where to hang them
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where is the question 🤔
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these are great !🔥
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