How will you frame your Parra print? 🖼 🤨

Hey everyone,
I’m Flora - one of the Creative Producers here at Avant Arte and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Piet over the past few months on our timed edition 'when the smoke clears'.
It's so exciting that for so many people this will be the first piece they're adding to their collection and I’m so looking forward to everyone receiving their artworks and seeing how you choose to frame and display them.
I’ve been having a think myself and wanted to share some ideas with you guys:
- Option 1 - We have purposefully produced the print at a size that is easy to fit into a ready-made frame, so you can head down to your local department store (or IKEA, Amazon etc.) and pick up a frame with a window mount that will fit to the size of the print. I’d recommend keeping it simple with a black or white frame and a white mount, and the beauty of a ready-made frame is you can simply insert it yourself and it will be ready to hang!
- Option 2 - If you’re looking for a higher spec framing option, we’d recommend taking it to a framer and requesting that they float-mount the print, meaning that the print sits in front of the mount and is lifted away from it, creating a bit of depth. I think an off-white backing board to lighten the print a bit and either a black or white frame with a visible grain would work really well. Piet chose to add the black line work to the print during the early design stages of the project, so I’d probably lean towards a black frame to accentuate those outlines, but either would look great. UV protective plexi-glass is best for protecting your print and if you want to have a really high-quality viewing experience, you could even upgrade to non-reflective plexi.
Attached are some composites to show how your artwork might look if you chose Option 1 with a window mount or Option 2 with the print float mounted (black and white frames) shown, in case it’s helpful to visualise them before making the all important decision!
And below some recommendations of framers for you:
- 🇳🇱 Deurloo Lijsten, Amsterdam-
- 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 FRAME, London-
- 🇺🇸 East Frames, New York -
These are my thoughts, but would love to hear what ideas you guys have!

Collective Post - How will you frame your Parra print? 🖼 🤨
Collective Post - How will you frame your Parra print? 🖼 🤨
Collective Post - How will you frame your Parra print? 🖼 🤨


I also prefer it with the black frame. Love the print!
3 months ago·
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FRAME London currently has my set of Roby Dwi Antono prints from AA. I can't wait to get them back hopefully end of October. I can totally recommend them for framing in London.
4 months ago·