Johannes Steininger

I love these inflatable wall sculptures by Johannes Steininger, Austrian artist.
I wanted to start to ad art here on the collective, but for example this and other artists names I own I cannot enter in the artist name field. Can I only add "Avantarte" artist names?

Collective Post - Johannes Steininger
Collective Profile - @avantarte


If you do have any artists you want us to add just DM me and I'll make sure they are added :)
4 months ago·
Collective Profile - @sol


Sent you a message 🙂
4 months ago·
Collective Profile - @andrabalasa


Can you pls send me a DM about this as well? :) was wondering the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Thanks!
4 months ago·
Collective Profile - @lotuswar


DM avantarte with the artists you want to add
4 months ago·