Artist Suggestions? - Pop Surrealism

I love to give out suggestions or showcase new or current artists that I love and I equally love to hear other people's artist discoveries however I was wondering if any collectors would want to share some artist they know that focus on this art style?
Pop surrealism is definitely an art style that I like a lot if not being my favourite and I do feel that as a still relatively new and young collector my knowledge is still pretty limited!
I would love to know more so do please drop some names, no artist is too small or big.

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Thanks all for the recommendations everyone I will be checking every one of them out.
3 months ago·
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May I also recommened Haven Gallery. They ALWAYS have stunning works from unknown or very new up and coming artists. And the more well known
who tend to have a mix of new and more well known names in that field.
3 months ago·
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Lotuswar gave a great list! Mark Ryden 100% I'd probably also add Greg Simkins :)
3 months ago·
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Mark Ryden, Marion Peck, Kenny Scharf, Camille Rose Garcia, to name a few. There's book written by Kirsten Anderson (owner of Roq la Rue Gallery) called "Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art" if you're interested.
3 months ago·